SFHIP is composed of:

  • Steering Committee
  • Backbone support

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee serves as the governing body for SFHIP, providing strategic direction for the collaborative and holds the power to make final decisions for the collaborative. The Steering Committee is a cross-sector collaborative composed of:

  • Mission-driven ANCHOR INSTITUTIONS committed to leveraging their economic power to improve community health and well-being
  • HEALTH EQUITY COALITIONS grounded in the lived experience and resilience of communities experiencing health inequities
  • FUNDERS dedicated to improving community health
  • EDUCATIONAL, FAITH-BASED, and SERVICE provider networks and institutions making a difference in the everyday lives of residents

A list of current Steering Committee members and their respective organizations can be found here:

SFHIP Steering Committee Members

Alex Mitra
St. Mary’s Medical Center & Saint Francis Memorial Hospital

Alisha Somji
Kaiser Permanente

Esperanza Macias
Instituto Familiar de la Raza (Chicano/Latino/Indigena Health Equity Coalition)

Fanny Lam
APA Family Support Services (API Health Parity Coalition)

Johanna Liu
San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium

Joyce Cheng
Chinese Hospital

Kate Weiland
California Pacific Medical Center

Monique LeSarre*
Rafiki Coalition(African American Community Health Equity Council)

Saeeda Hafiz

Susan Philip, MD, MPH*

*  = SFHIP Co-chair

Backbone support

The backbone support provides project management support, serving as the connecting piece of SFHIP’s multiple efforts, action items, and external relationships. The backbone provides strategic support to help SFHIP achieve its shared goals and vision.

The backbone support was initially made up of in-kind resources from SFHIP’s three founding organizations. Currently, backbone support has been sub-contracted out to Facente Consulting to carry out the required backbone duties.