SF CHNA Reports

Every three years SFHIP guides the development of the San Francisco COMMUNITY HEALTH NEEDS ASSESSMENT (CHNA).

The CHNA is an important tool for informing the community about San Franciscans’ health, identifying key priorities for the city and county, and promoting a better understanding of health inequities.

The CHNA takes a broad view of health conditions and status in San Francisco. In addition to providing local disease and death rates, the CHNA also provides data and information on social determinants of health —social structures and economic systems which include the social environment, physical environment, health services, and structural and societal factors.

2022 CHNA Reports

The 2022 San Francisco CHNA is an opportunity to connect with the community and ask what has and has not worked and what can be done differently to improve our community’s health. Past CHNAs have raised health needs that persist to this day, many rooted in racist structures, practices, and biases within the overarching healthcare system. This report explicitly recognizes protracted patterns of health disparities and seeks to elevate community-driven solutions that interrupt these patterns. The COVID-19 pandemic reinforced that even the most recent healthcare issues can easily be added to the list of health disparities. These factors have guided our data collection, analysis, review of results, and the report.


Our Community’s Health Need

The CHNA identified three primary health needs in San Francisco: 

  • access to care, 
  • behavioral health, and 
  • economic opportunity.